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Rifts III – Catching the wave: Registration open

The Rifts III conference at the Geol Soc London in March 2016 has opened for registration. We’ve managed to put together a world-class programme for 3 exciting days of rift and rifted passive margin-related academic and industry research.

The objective of this conference series is to challenge the current understanding of rifts, rifted passive margins and their evolution given ever-improving seismic and remotely-sensed data, computational modelling and integration capabilities, new insights from field analogues, contrasting and contradicting scientific concepts as well as recent results from scientific and industry drilling campaigns.

The by-invitation-only technical program covers about 60 contributions from leading academic and industry authors over 3 days, ranging in scale from plates to reservoir, in a healthy mix of cutting edge observational and modelling studies. The keynote presentations will given by:

  • Gianreto Manatschal (U Strasbourg, FR): Controls on structural and magmatic variability along rifted margins: From observations to interpretations
  • Cynthia Ebinger (U Rochester, US): Strain accommodation by faulting and magmatism during rift initiation
  • Ritske Huismans (U Bergen, NO): Linking lithosphere deformation and sedimentary basin formation over multiple scales
  • Sascha Brune (GFZ Potsdam, DE): Numerical modelling of rift dynamics: Linking observations on fault, basin and global scale
  • Nicky White (Cambridge, UK): Deep-Water Margins, Dynamic Topography and Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Hans-Christian Rønnevik (Lundin AS, NO): Exploration of mature areas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf since 2000

For more details on the conference and the provisional programme, please visit the Geol Soc website:, individual abstracts are available at:

Rifts III – Catching the wave!

Together with colleagues from industry and academia, I am convening the “Rifts III” conference at the Geological Society of London on 22 – 24 March 2016. It is the third incarnation of the “Rifts” conference series which started in 2004, and offers a unique platform to connect academic and industry researchers and explorationists to exchange views and provide updates on the newest developments of rift and passive margin research. We’re in the process of lining up an impressive array of speakers who are at the forefront of the science and exploration of rifted basins and passive margins.

Registration will open soon while the program is currently being worked on. Here’s the link to the conference on the Geol Soc website and the Flyer – a quote from the Geol Soc website on the conference format:

The objectives of the conference are to challenge paradigms and consider the applicability of new ideas to the latest sub-surface datasets. The technical program will be designed to address many of the critical parameters raised in these areas e.g. rift architectures, break-up models, continent-ocean boundaries, subsidence patterns, facies distribution and heat flow.

The three-day conference will be constructed around six half-day sessions and four broad themes of oral presentation that will polarize the scales of investigation and reveal the direct applicability of the emerging theorems. Many rift model paradigms underpin our understanding and exploration of rifted continental margins and new exploration concepts need to be consistently applied. However, numerous aspects of crustal evolution and lithospheric extension remain contentious, and new sub-surface datasets have highlighted important apparent conjugate paradoxes. Heat flow, subsidence and passive margin formation appear to be subject to both temporal and spatial anomalies related to rift processes.

More news to follow soon.