The Saharan Atlantic ocean makes ripples (edited)

Our  “Saharan Atlantic ocean” paper has just been featured in GEOLOGY’s “Research Focus” article in the March issue. The focus article is entitled “Roadmap to continental rupture: Is obliquity the route to success?” is written by Cythia Ebinger and Jolante van Wijk and is available as open access. This is fantastic news!

Update #1,2,3,4,5: So by now, there’s been quite some science (and popular) media buzz with both Sydney Uni and GFZ Potsdam having released press info on our article – it’s been overwhelming. Spiegel Online (one of the largest German online news outlets) & Sueddeutsche Zeitung (also one of the largest papers) reported in Germany even going a bit beyond the standard press release texts. As Sascha and I hoped, our hypothetical “Saharan Ocean” image (see here) facilitated the take up of the story quite a bit.

According to Altmetric, the article is currently ranking as #7 in terms of impact which makes it one of the highest ever scores for articles published in GEOLOGY.

Links here (I’m updating those from time to time):


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